Sunday, September 23, 2012

Plant Material

I work with plant material a lot in paper making Years ago before the introduction of the Big Kick, Cuttelbug Vagabond this technique was done with a hammer OMG how things have changed making life so much easier and quieter.The flower I used here is a Florida weed the cypress vine ., check out the challenge .


  1. This one is right up your alley girlfriend. Thanks for joining TTSTV.

  2. Very pretty!!!
    Thanks for joining this week at TTSTV.

  3. Very pretty card. Your comment on the hammer made me smile!! Thanks for joining us this week at Tutorial Time on SpeedyTV!

  4. So did you place a piece of text weight paper on top of the flowers before hammering them? LOL Have you ever spritzed and ironed the flowers into the paper? It's a darling card, Lis!

    1. That is old school Donna Now you snadwich the flowers and run them through the Vagabond


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