Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Plant Camp day 2


This am was not too too early We were fed a wonderful breakfast at the lodge and were bussed off to Paynes Prairie where we broke into tow groups to do a project ID invasive plants then switched for a hike through the invasive problem areas When we finished there we went to a preserve that has an invasion of Tuberous Sword firn after a presentation we again assumed teams to clear an area with a time limit Of course the green team won ((My team) Then we were taken to Kanapaha... Park for a lovely lunch and classroom presentations fabulous. I learned to ID the invasive over the closely matched natives , had no idea there were look a like out there Then we learned how to study and draw the plants It was a wonderful tiring day , and I only had to be pulled up one hill that this bad leg couldn't handle .
Dinner is on our own tonight I just want a shower and bed


  1. Sounds like a wonderful butr exhausting day Lis :o)
    Jackie xx

  2. A brilliant day and love the pics
    carol x

  3. Great day but tiring I expect.


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