Monday, September 4, 2017


A few things I don't often do
I seldom work from a kit
I seldom do Halloween
I seldom do

This time I did all three

I have a sweet friend who keeps supplying me with occasional  kits
My motto is "It is not mine until I use it "
So as soon as it is on my desk I must attack
I have too admit I find kits restricting and I take many liberties
This kit could be a real clock
I decided against that but finished it without the fittings
I will take the face off fill it with candy for a very sweet little neighbor


  1. WOWOWOWOW!.....Amazing, Lis!! What a fabulous creation! I am the same way abt kits, Halloween, and steampunk. I might have to rethink my habits after seeing you break the mold. Your young neighbor is going to be thrilled!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  2. Wowzer! For not doing any of those three, you certainly have outdone yourself, Lis, and your neighbor will be delighted! I love how your crafting spills over into spoiling others - doing good things to make others feel good! hugs, de

  3. I dont do well with steampunk either, but you've done quite well with this creation! Keep up the great work Lis!

  4. Wow Lis this is amazing, never really got the steampunk!
    Love that you've used the kit in your own way.


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