Monday, August 16, 2010


This is the last step before you can use the paper I was taught to peel the wet pulp off the felt, and lay it on a hard flat surface such as counter top or glass. This was not for me , I have a bad hand so peeling wet paper off is impossible and where on earth would I lay 120 sheets of paper to dry . I discovered I can simply pin the felts and hangers and hang to dry , this workd wonderfully for me , if the paper curls at all  (never does) it can be flattened with a book. If I make paper in the morning on a good day it is dry by four o'clock , if it isn't dry I bring it inside and it is certian to be dry by morning The paper lifts off the felt easily.
I will show you some of the papers and materials I use in my next submission.

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