Monday, August 16, 2010


When you  feel comfortable that you have made all the paper you want for now it has to be pressed.
When I started I didn't want to invest in a hydraulic press because I didn't know how serious I was and didn't want to put the money and storage space into one.
SOOOOOOOOOOOO I  put the stack between two boards took it out to my driveway , placed it in front of the rear wheel of my vehical and slowly rolled my  van up on the stack , I left it for a few minutes until the water stopped running out , then moved the van and it is pressed. This did as good a job as my press but now I don't lug my paper to the driveway . Once I decided a press was in order I had to think of a way to get one  (tricky) I made paper several times when my husband was home and asked him to lug it to the van , after the water ran down his leg and his time was used a few times he bought me a press.
There is no trick to using the press , the stack sits on the base it is covered with a  slab , I use a thick marble just because I have it )  and then pumped , I let it sit as long as water is dripping . I have my press permanently set up outside I have read you could leave the paper in the press until it dries , that is boggling to me I live in Florida and I can't imagine it ever drying in the press. Once the dripping has stopped the release is turned and I love the sound that makes , it says "I'm Done"

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