Saturday, March 31, 2018

Easter Bag

An Easter bag for a sweet little neighbor 
Inside is a flower pot soil and seeds 
Then all the goodies a 12 yr old is looking for 
My hope is she will plant the seeds and enjoy the flowers for a few months 


  1. Lovely little gift bag and a very thoughtful gift -hope she plants and enjoys the flowers too
    Carol x

  2. Lovely, a gift that keeps giving! x

  3. Oh gosh, the roses are so cute on this bag and I love how you personalized it with her name! Hopefully you can enjoy the flowers she plants too! Thoughtful gift for sure!

  4. Hi LIs - this is surely a cute creations - love it - also wondering if you sent me an email? I am not opening it because it only has DOC on the subject line - if you did not send me one you have been hacked! Have a good day - Kren says Hi


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