Friday, September 23, 2011

Use a good potting soil. Lay the card on surface
Cover with a thin layer of soil . You can grow it right out of the paper but I like to lightly cover the paper
This now has to be kept moist. Daily I mist with a spray bottle
I have it sitting in a south window at my work station so I don't forget
I will let you know when I see sprouts.
                                                             Wet the page you intend to plant

Plant a card

                               The pan, pot, bowl or tray you use should be  cleaned I use a little bleach            
                               and line it with coffee filters

Plant a Card

                                First let me remind you that the seed in my paper is a wildflower herb mix.
                                Some times the front of the card is a treasure so I cut the back section off
                                 and use it.