Tuesday, June 30, 2020


                                   I got an order for yellow paper


                             The dye is made from yellow flowers
                             I made her sample strengths to choose from

                        After the cotton is cooked to break it down it is blended in the colored water
                                      The pulp is made from the cotton plant and dyed


It is strained and blended back several times in the same water 
It is then put in the vat and this dilutes the color a little 
So it is a bit like a science lab

Then the sheets are pulled on to felts and stacked 
Each sheet is sprinkled with crystal sand and glitter 

It is then put in the hydraulic press over night 

It is then hung on hangers to dry
I didn't get a photo of the yellow drying but her second order is green with sage and I did get that photo

Once dry   it goes through the Gemini

Then it is cut to size

Goes throught the Gemini two more times

Finished sheets