Wednesday, February 24, 2021


                     At Christmas I was gifted this charming box of 

                                         Pastel Watercolors 

                                I decided it is time to use them 

                                    Here is the result 





Tuesday, February 9, 2021


                                           Every day is more fun with Mocha 

                                               Does cut in to craft time though

                                     This is what we did at Play Day January and Feb

                              Played with FLESH TONE CRAYONS   They were a gift in Dec Thank you Kren 


                                                             Stencil backgrounds 


Stencil backgrounds 

The flower die was a Christmas gift from Alison (thank you )



                                    Then we did stencils with glitter gel 


                                                 And finished the  day with napkin backgrounds 

                                                The left is Mod Podge  the right is on freezer wrap