Friday, October 3, 2014

Canned Air Splatter

The hardest part of this Tutorial is controlling the amount of ink you spill on the glossy paper
Believe it or not I used blue yellow and orange when it ran together most of the blue is green
Now the TT suggests canned air which I have to clean piano strings but when working on this Tt
I realized everyone would not have the canned air so I tried the heat gun Works well if you are quick in fast little blasts before the gun gets hot  the ink will splatter Come see how it is done and show us what you can do


  1. wow! How vibrant and FUN! Love this technique and will have to try it out, too! hugs, de

  2. This is such a fun technique. I tried it with a straw. Your right it is hard to control. You made a really neat background.


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