Monday, August 23, 2010

Paper from Fabric

A friend gave me a denim skirt that was headed for the recycle bin ....that is like gold to me.
Any fabrics  I use in paper making is  100% cotton or linen.
Making paper from fabrics and plant material is more time consuming than with shredded paper
The fabric is first shredded as thin as possible. This can not be done in a shredder so in front of TV with tiny scissors I do my theory .
Then the material is cooked for hours and hours ( maybe 24 ) with soda ash . I use an old slow cooker outside, bring it to the boil then set on low . I just keep an eye on the water level, can't have it drying out.
Then I put it in the blender to make pulp, the rest is the same as the beginning of this blog

This paper is soft to the touch but strong and can be used as any decorative paper.

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  1. That's fantastic!
    The card could have a sew on Denim Pocket!LOL


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